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School Meals

Our school meals are:

  • Sourced locally
  • Healthy and nutritious
  • Well presented
  • Available free for Reception and Key Stage 1 as part of the Universal Infant Free School Meals Government Scheme
  • £2.53 per day for Key Stage 2

Sourced Locally
The meals are distributed from Black Pepper Lunches, a local provider, so that the food travels a short distance.
They support local producers by using seasonal, locally grown produce.

Healthy and Nutritious
The meals are well-balanced and have a homemade feel to them.
The meals are nutritious and portion sizes are appropriate.

Water is provided

Well Presented
The meals are well presented by qualified staff.
Meal times are social opportunities and times to display good manners.
A jacket potato option is included each day alongside meat and vegetarian options.

To find out more about Universal Infant Free School Meals or to check if you are eligible for Free School Meals, please use the link below:

Free School Meals Explained

Please order meals via the Black Pepper website: