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Rewards & Merits

Passport Merits

All children have a passport in which they collect merits. They can be awarded for hard work, effort, behaviour and for generally demonstrating something that brings about a positive outcome for themselves or others.

Bronze Award -a bronze star is awarded when a child gains 20 merits

Silver Award-  a silver star is awarded when a child gains 40 merits

Gold Award- a gold star is awarded when a child gains 60 merits

Star Award- A blue or yellow star badge is awarded when the passport is full and the child has gained 80 merits.

Well done Certificates are awarded when a child gains – 10, 30, 50 or 70 merits.

They are also awarded in Well Done Assembly for specific pieces of work.

Gold Book Certificates are awarded during Gold Book assembly, they are awarded to children who have really stood out that half term.