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Friends of Castlemorton Primary

What is ‘The Friends’?

The Friends Association is a group of friendly parents who want to help raise funds for Castlemorton CE Primary School.  We meet about once a month to plan fun events and activities to raise extra funds for our school.

Once your child starts at Castlemorton CE Primary School you automatically become one of the Friends and are welcome to attend meetings. In fact, we would be delighted if you came along.

Our meetings are usually held at school around the end of the school day and are advertised in advance on Hot Gossip and on the school calendar.

We welcome everyone and hope that you will join us. If you would like to be kept informed then please send your email details to and we will add your name to our circulation list and send you the minutes of each meeting.

What do we do?

The main objective of the Friends is to raise money for the children of Castlemorton CE Primary School. This can purchase extra equipment, pay for educational visits or events and offer the children opportunities that would otherwise not be affordable as part of the school curriculum. The little luxuries!

Many of the activities also have a social aim and foster and support the family ethos of the school. Friends plan and organise events such as the Christmas Fayre and Summer BBQ, school discos, cake sales and film nights. Events are also organised specifically for the children; the Easter egg hunt is very popular and great fun, as are the class cake sales.

Who are we?

We have a ‘working’ committee in place, who volunteer their time and skills to run the business side of Friends. The real support though comes from everyone who supports the events either by helping run stalls or providing refreshments and by attending the events.

How can I help?

To keep all the ideas for events constantly evolving, we need new people to get involved and share their ideas. This ensures that there is always a good variety of forthcoming fundraising events on offer.

If you can spare some time, however small, please do come along to one of the meetings and see what’s involved. You would be most welcome.

 Where can I find out more?

To contact the Friends of Castlemorton please contact the school office on 01684 833282 or via email at

You can also join the Friends Facebook Group by using the link below