School Closure- Friday 2nd March

We have made a decision to close school and apologise for any inconvenience caused. We will monitor the situation and send text messages and website updates as we know more over the weekend.

Dear Children,

With this being our second snow day of the week I wanted to share an idea I’d seen from other Headteachers so I would like to set some important homework to be getting on with while school is closed.

  1. Dress up in warm clothes
  2. Play in the snow
  3. Go sledging if you can
  4. Make a snowman, a snow sculpture and some snow angels
  5. Throw a snowball or two!
  6. Take some photographs and ask your parents to pop them on the Friends Facebook page.
  7. When you have had enough go inside and get warm.
  8. As it was world book day this week – read a book and cuddle up on the sofa
  9. Treasure the memories of playing in the snow as it doesn’t happen very often so make the most of it.
  10. Have fun- from Mrs A x