Red Class – Summer Holiday Homework

Over the summer it is important to do a ‘little bit’ of work to keep your skills up ready for the new year.  This doesn’t mean having to do something every day, but over the week you should;


  1. Read to an adult who can ask you questions about what you are reading. I have attached a copy of the year 3/4 and year 5/6 reading lists – see how many of these books you can read.  Remember, you can borrow them from your library for free and you might also find some in charity shops.


  1. Times tables – keep up the good work over the summer. Make learning them into a game, you could even challenge your family to beat you against the clock!


  1. Write a diary of the things you get up to. This is a lovely way to remember all the special times you have with your family over the summer and practise your handwriting, spelling and punctuation. You could include pictures of the places you visit.


  1. I have put the ‘booster’ pack on as homework over the summer – there are 75 tasks, but I’m not expecting you to complete all 75!  Instead, I would like you to concentrate on areas that you feel you need to practise – that might mean concentrating on your tables, on data handling or on the four operations.  The whole point of this is to make sure you get off to a flying start next year!


Have a super summer holiday!  See you in September,


Miss Cafferkey x