Red Class Learning Log: 7 February 2020

For homework this week we are focusing on ‘Reading for Pleasure’.  I’d like to know what you really LOVE reading at home – this might be a book series or the work of a particular author, maybe you prefer reading non-fiction, magazines or comics.  Think about what you most like to read and find an interesting way to tell me all about it and why you like reading it.  This could be in the form of a letter, a book review or a poster.  I am interested in the ‘why’ as much as the ‘what’!


Please also try to read to an adult at least three times each week – it makes a huge difference to your learning in class!



Year 3 are looking at homophones and near homophones.  Year 4 have words with the /s/ sound spelt with ‘sc’.  The test will be on Thursday.  If you ever forget or lose your spellings they are published on the website each week.


Times Tables

Year 3 please practise your x4 tables for our test on Thursday.  Year 4 – we will be continuing with a general tables test.


Purple Mash

Times table work has been set as a ‘To Do’ for everyone on Purple Mash.


My Maths

My Maths has also been set for everyone – remember not to get stressed about the Beat the Clock activities!  If you find them too tricky, leave them and concentrate on the other parts of the homework.  When I look at the results I am not expecting 100% every week from everyone – knowing what you find tricky when working independently is really helpful!


Best wishes,


Miss Cafferkey