Red Class Learning Log – 6th July 2018

For homework this week, I would like you to research your endangered animal – why is it endangered?  What are the threats it faces?  What is being done to protect them?  You could begin your poster or Powerpoint if you like, but you will have time in class next week to complete the work.  The World Wildlife Fund website is a great place to start but you can also use books and other websites to help you with your research.  Remember though, you need to put what you find out into your own words – don’t just copy and paste!


For spellings this week we are focusing on revising words with silent letters for Year 3 and adverbials of manner for Year 4.  Remember to add post-it notes in your dictionaries for these words – can you find other, related words to add too?  Your test will be on Thursday.


Once again, mymaths homework has been set for everyone.  We really notice a huge improvement in confidence and fluency in those children who use mymaths each week – your help and support with this is much appreciated.


Times Tables:  We will continue learning our tables in maths this half term with a real focus on quick recall of the answers.  Focus on one table at a time and build up the speed with which you can recall the answers – you could learn them as a song, a chant or by writing them down – find a strategy that suits you!