Red Class Learning Log: 6 December 2019

For homework this week, I am sending home a short reading comprehension activity all about our Geography topic of the Rainforest.  Remember to check the text carefully to find the answers!


This week, both years have words from the statutory spelling list to learn – words without spelling rules/patterns.  The test will be on Thursday.  If you ever forget or lose your spellings they are published on the website each week.

Times Tables

Year 3 please practise your x6 tables for our test on Thursday.  Year 4 – we will be doing a general tables test (like last year!).


Mymaths homework has been set for everyone.  This week we had 96% of the class completing their maths – let’s see if we can make it 100% next week!  Remember that you can go back to complete any homework you haven’t already done.

With best wishes,

Miss Cafferkey