Red Class Learning Log – 3rd November 2017

In literacy we have been reading The Firework-makers Daughter by Philip Pullman. Hamlet doesn’t like it when he has to go and stay in the homes of the King’s least favourite courtiers – silk curtains and velvet carpets aren’t really his style. For homework this week I would like you to design a new home for Hamlet. Take a look at the suggestions on the sheet and make sure that you label your design.

Homework is due on Wednesday.

For spellings this week we are focusing on the suffix –ly for Year 3 and words with a /shuhn/ sound spelt with ‘sion’ for Year 4. Your test will be on Thursday.

I have set both the current year and the year below (ie: Year 3/Year 2 or Year 4/Year 3) for everyone on mymaths.   If your child finds the current year questions too tricky at the moment, please encourage them to try the previous year instead – all of the tasks stay available once set so they can come back to them once they feel more confident! Please do keep bringing me your feedback!


Miss Cafferkey