Red Class Learning Log: 29 November 2019

For homework this week, I would like you to focus on learning your lines for the French Nativity – we will be adding in the actions next week, so it is important that we are off script.


Year 3 are looking at adverbs using the suffix –ly where there are exceptions to the rules we have been learning.  Year 4 have words with ‘ough’ to make a long /o/, /oo/ or /or/ sound. The test will be on Thursday.  If you ever forget or lose your spellings they are published on the website each week.

Times Tables

Year 3 please practise your x6 tables for our test on Thursday.  Year 4 – we will be doing a general tables test (like last year!).


Mymaths homework has been set for everyone.  This week we had 95% of the class completing their maths – let’s see if we can make it 100% next week!  Remember that you can go back to complete any homework you haven’t already done.

With best wishes,

Miss Cafferkey