Red Class Learning Log – 25th May 2018

Next half term we will be studying a new topic in science – Living Things and their Habitats.  For homework over half term, I would like you to go outside and look for creatures that live in your garden – what creepy crawlies can you find?  Where do they live?  You could make an information poster, draw a table or write a list – the choice is yours!


For spellings this week we are focusing on the suffix ‘al’ for Year 3 and the suffix ‘ous’ for Year 4.  Remember to add post-it notes in your dictionaries for these words – can you find other, related words to add too?  Your test will be on Thursday.


Once again, mymaths homework has been set for everyone.  If your child finds the current year questions too tricky at the moment, please encourage them to try the previous year instead – all of the tasks stay available once set so they can come back to them once they feel more confident!  Please do keep bringing me your feedback!


Times Tables:  We will continue learning our tables in maths this half term with a real focus on quick recall of the answers.  Focus on one table at a time and build up the speed with which you can recall the answers – you could learn them as a song, a chant or by writing them down – find a strategy that suits you!