Red Class Learning Log – 17th May 2019

This week in maths we have been looking at money, including rounding and adding money, and finding change. For homework this week I have set a worksheet which involves deciding which notes and coins you would use to find an amount (working together using real money could help with this). It then asks you to find the change from a certain amount.

I have included a feedback sheet with this and I would be grateful for any feedback on the activity.

For spellings we are focusing on word families based on the root words ‘struct’ and ‘uni’ for Year 3 and words with the prefix ‘ex-‘ for Year 4.  Your test will be on Thursday.

Times Tables: Our test this week will focus on 6, 7 and 8times tables.

Remember, our door is always open, if you have any questions or queries about what we do in class or concerns about your child please do come and see us.  If you would like a longer chat, please arrange an appointment with Mrs Riley.


Best wishes,

Miss Hughes

Red Class Homework Feedback Sheet maths homework