Red Class Learning Log – 12th July 2019

On Tuesday next week, Red Class will be taking part in the Global Rocket Launch – an attempt to break the world record for most rockets launched on one day!  We will make our own paper rockets in school to fire off on the field.  For homework I would like you to draw a design for your rocket – it could be based on one of the rockets we have been learning about or it could be one of your own design.  If you have a rocket and launcher at home, you could bring it in to add to our collection and attempt on the record.  If you would like to find out more about this you can take a look at the website where you’ll also find instructions to make a variety of rockets at home.

For spellings we are focusing on words based on words with silent letters for Year 3 and adverbials of frequency and possibility for Year 4.  Your test will be on Wednesday due to our trip on Thursday.

Mymaths has been set for everyone. We really do notice the difference in class when you complete this work, so keep it up!  Remember, if you have work outstanding and would like to catch up – begin with this week’s work and work backwards!

Times Tables: Our usual test this week will focus on 7, 8 and 9times tables.  This will also be on Wednesday.

Best wishes,

Miss Cafferkey