Red Class Learning Log: 10 January 2020

Welcome back to Spring Term in Red Class!  We have a very busy term ahead of us and it has been fantastic to see you all so full of excitement about our new topic of Ancient Egypt.

For homework this week, I am sending home a short comprehension exercise about the role of cats in Ancient Egypt.  Use the text to answer the questions carefully.

Please also try to read to an adult at least three times each week – it makes a huge difference to your learning in class!


Year 3 are looking at words with the suffixes –er, -ed or -ing.  Year 4 have nouns ending in -ation. The test will be on Thursday.  If you ever forget or lose your spellings they are published on the website each week.

Times Tables

Year 3 please practise your x9 tables for our test on Thursday.  Year 4 – we will be continuing with a general tables test.  Next week, I will be asking Year 4 to begin using Purple Mash to practise for the upcoming Multiplication Tables Check.

With best wishes,

Miss Cafferkey