Partnership in Malvern Schools (PIMS)

Mission statement

As a group of schools our professional generosity ensures we build relationships based on mutual respect to fulfil the following aims:

Improve outcomes for all pupils across the Malvern group of schools

Facilitate the development of teaching and learning through collaboration, the sharing of expertise and the provision of high quality continuing professional development

Secure excellent leadership through professional support and challenge

Provide opportunities to enrich the lives of the young people in our communities

We achieve this by:

  • Collaborating to moderate standards and assessment judgements 
  • Delivering high quality training through utilising shared funding
  • Sharing resources, policies and ideas
  • Engaging in school to school support, sharing best practice and expertise
  • Participating in sports and arts events for children across the primary age range
  • Building strong relationships between school senior and middle leaders, including facilitation of a group for Senior Leaders Other Than Heads (SLOTHS) and University led middle leadership training
  • Engaging positively with the University of Worcester, to draw in expertise, resources and opportunities for children and staff

Currently we are one of approximately 22 schools working in the PIMS collaboration.