English Policy 2019.doc

Literacy Action Plan Autumn 2019

Literacy Impact Log 2018

Castlemorton Reading Curriculum


Mathematics policy Sept 2019

Mathematics Action Plan Autumn 2019

Mathematics Impact Log 2018_2019


Science Impact Log 2018

Science Action Plan 2019 – 2020

Intent Implementation Impact Science


Castlemorton CE Primary School Science Curriculum 2019

Key Questions and Knowledge Organisers

Science Key Questions Sheet Animals including Humans

Knowledge Organiser Year 1 and 2 Animals Including Humans

Science States of Matter Key Questions Assessment      

Knowledge Organiser Year 3 and 4 States of Matter.docx

Science Living Things and Their Habitats Key Questions Sheet    

Knowledge Organiser Year 5 and 6 Living things and their habitats    

Science Key Questions Sheet Seasonal Change Year 1 and 2

Knowledge Organiser Year 1 and 2 Seasonal Change

Science Key Questions Sheet Electricity   

Knowledge Organiser Year 3 and 4 Electricity

Skills Progression

Working scientifically