Space Garden 2014

Please find below a PowerPoint presentation of photos showing the creation of the garden at the RHS Spring Garden Show. Space Garden 2014  Read More →

Conwy Booklet 2014 including checklist

Please follow the link below to open the booklet and checklist. conwy booklet 2014 for website  Read More →


The children have really enjoyed the project and the singing produced has filled the school with joy. We are very excited about the concerts next week and really hope that every child is able to take part. We know that this means returning in the evening but we feel that it will be well worth the effort.... 
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Parent Questionnaires

We will be once again asking parents to complete a questionnaire next week- March 10th- 14th. Your views are extremely important and we would like as many responses as possible, thank you for your time in advance. The questionnaire includes the same questions as asked on the Parent View Ofsted website.... 
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Fund Raising

Fund Raising Let’s help children in need and the people of the Philippines   Children in Need = £1         Red Cross Appeal  = £1 Can you spare £2? Come to school in your own clothes on Friday 15th November Fill our school with a splash of colour  Read More →


Please help us to make the parking situation easier by taking a little extra time and thought, especially after school when it is busier. Staff are more than happy to keep your child with them on the playground for a few extra minutes to allow you to park safely. Remember that the school playground is... 
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Trafalgar Square facts and quiz 17th October 2013

You can complete this quiz whilst we are in London or at home over the weekend for a short learning log task.  At the bottom there is also a short task for learning log if you have time.  It is not essential to complete it over the weekend as our day out is going to be a very long day. Trafalgar square... 
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London trip information

Our trip to London.  Plan of action:  7.45 – be at school wearing school uniform and a warm, waterproof coat.  Have a full packed lunch and plenty of snacks and a drink. 8am – leave school.  Whilst on the coach you may eat snacks as we have a later lunch.  You can also bring IPods, Ipads, DS,... 
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Yellow class newsletter

See the link below for the newsletter. Welcome to Yellow Class with Miss Woodward  Read More →

Mr Jaiteh’s Visit

We are pleased to announce that Mr Jaiteh the Headteacher from Boraba School will be visiting from 15th-29th October. Please see the newsletter under the letter section of the website for more details. We would love to see as many children and their families at our Gambian Supper Evening on Tuesday22nd... 
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