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Castlemorton CE Primary has been linked with a partner school in the Gambia since 2003. Sustaining and continuing the partnership is important to us and the whole community work hard to make this possible.

We have now embedded Gambian life and culture into our curriculum, with all classes using it as a stimuli for learning and teaching. We focus on similarities and feel priviledged that the children have a real and active global dimension to their curriculum.

As the partnership has developed it has become clear that sharing best practice and keeping extremely clear about how the global link develops is a high priority. Therefore we have devised an action plan and continually reviews the developments of the partnership.

Headteacher visits have taken place each year providing valuable insights for the children. Mrs Fatty will be visiting for two weeks from 20th September 2014 and we look forward to welcoming her to our school.

Boraba Lower Basic School is on the south bank close to the main town of Janjanbureh on Macarthy Island. It is in an extremely rural setting and serves nine villages. The children walk a good distance to school for their lessons and are provided with a mid day meal.

2014 -Mrs Adsett visited Boraba during February half term with Miss Woodward and Mrs Platt.  The African supper evening was a huge success and raised valuable funds for the school. A huge thanks for your generosity. The money raised provided enough materials for at least 200 children for a year of education.

Fund raising efforts over the years have been overwhelming. Parents continue to find extra funds to support our continued partnership. This year we will be continuing our support by providing materials for every child. Mama will be studying at the Gambia College during school holidays and Tida and Sira the nursery teachers will receive a monthly salary from us which otherwise would be unaffordable for the parent community. And we will continue to support the gardens that provide essential food to maintain the children’s health.

We have been lucky to gain a Connecting Classrooms Grant from the British Council and  the project will be What we eat and grow when and why. Children at Castlemorton and Boraba will learn about each other’s environment, they will think about interdependence and sustainability. The project includes art work and creativity, with local artists teaching the children new skills.

To view our photo book please double click on the link below:

Here is the photo book for 2013- we hope you enjoy it.



    • 01/10/14 Gambian Supper Evening in Castlemorton at school
    • 03/10/14 Football Tournament in Castlemorton at school
    • 07/10/14 Parents’ Forum in Castlemorton at school
    • 09/10/14 Open Classrooms in Castlemorton at school
    • 14/10/14 Cathedral Visit -yellow and Green in Worcester at Cathedral
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