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Welcome to our Red Class page of the Castlemorton Primary School.
On this page you will be able to keep up with all the goings on in the Red Class, you’ll be able to see all our latest news, photos, letters home as well as the learning log detailing any homework sent home for the children.

French Nativity

Red Class Recent News


Welcome back everyone! Here’s our Autumn newsletter Newsletter  Read More →

Hanley Castle language Day

Sorry Red Class!!  In our Diary session on Friday I told you that we were going to Hanley Castle this coming Friday.  I am far too eager as it is actually the week after – Friday 21st.  My apologies for causing confusion – it was completely my fault.  Read More →

Summer Term News Letter

Here is a copy of our newsletter that was sent out with the children on Friday. Red Class Newsletter I have also told the children about an exciting camping weekend at the end of the Summer term.  More details to follow!  Read More →

Carbon footprint calculator

Here is the link for working out the size of your carbon footprint!  Read More →

Pentominoes challenge!

Follow the link and see if you can complete the pentominoes challenge!  Can you make all of the pentominoes fit into one of the outline shapes?  Let me know if you manage it – no cheating  Read More →

Red Class Photos