Over the course of the school term this calendar will be updated with relevant school events. Check back here regularly for new additions and also updates to events already planned.

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Term Dates 2014 2015

Events and Dates


8th- Mad Science Assembly

10th- Lee and Claire Assembly for drama club

Tour of Britain – approx. 11am Marlbank Road

18th – Mad Science starts

19th- Multi skills festival at HCHS- Y6

20th- Mrs Fatty, Headteacher form Boraba arrives

23rd- Swimming starts for Blue Class

26th- Tag Rugby in school tournament KS2

29th- Full Governing Body meeting 7pm

30th- Pedestrian talks for pupils


1st – Gambian Supper Evening- Hosting the Head teacher from Boraba

3rd- 5/6 football tournament and Hanley Castle High School

7th – Parents’ Forum

9th -Open Classrooms and Curriculum Explained

14th – Cathedral visit for KS1

15th- Cathedral visit for KS2

Parents’ Evening 3:30-5pm

16th- Parents’ Evening 3:30-7pm

17th- Individual Photographs

20th- Gold Book Assembly

21st- TED- Unusual date because of high demand for Pie Corbett who will be leading the training for staff

24th- Harvest Festival 2pm

Disco – 18:00- 19:30 (TBC)

Half Term


14th- Gym festival for Y2

27th-Book Fair


6th- Christmas Fayre TBC

9th- Nativity Play – afternoon performance 2pm

10th – Nativity Play- evening performance 6pm

15th- Gold Book Assembly

16th- Red Class French Nativity Play- afternoon performance

17th – Christmas Lunch in the village hall

19th- Carol Service 2pm

End of Term


5th – TED

6th- Start of Term

16th- Young Voices

20th- Swimming starts for Red Class


6th- Dance Festival at HCHS Y4

10th- Gold Book 2:30pm

13th- Height and weight checks for R and Y6

– Break up for Half Term

17th-24th- Visit to Boraba

23rd- Return to school

27th- Indoor athletics at HCHS Y6- 1pm


4th- Hearing and Weight checks Reception and Year 6

6th- Y5/6 High Five Netball at HCHS 4pm

10th and 11th- Parents’ Evening

12th- Spring into Life Performance

11th/12th – Spring into Life Assembly and lesson for Blue Class (TBC)

18th- Parents’ information evening for Kingswood (TBC)

23rd- 25th Kingswood Residential

27th- Easter service including Gold Awards- 2pm

End of Term


13th- TED

14th- School starts for Pupils

17th- Cross Country- Y4,5,6

28th- Swimming starts for Green Class


4th- Bank Holiday

11th-15th- SATS Week

18th- Gold Book 2:30pm

22nd- Break up for half term


1st- Return to school

12th- Rounders tournament Y5,6 2pm HCHS

18th- Sports’ Day

25th- Reserve Sports’ Day

20th- Bell Boating Regatta

26th- Induction Talk for new reception parents- 9am


3rd- Reports to parents

6th-Parents’ evening to discuss reports

7th- Last swimming for Green

8th- Afternoon Performance – Blue 2pm

9th- Evening Performance- Blue  7pm

10th – Moving up/taster afternoon- 1:15pm

13th- Gold Book 2:30pm

14th- Blue Class Trip

15th- Leavers’ Party

17th- Leavers Service 2pm

Break up for Summer


Blue Class Swimming Starts  

Date City Venue
23/09/14 Priory Road, Malvern, Worcestershire Malvern Splash
Address: WR14 3DS. Venue phone: 01684 893423.

Cathedral Visit -yellow and Green  

Date City Venue
14/10/14 Worcester Cathedral

Cathedral Visit- Red and Blue  

Date City Venue
15/10/14 Worcester Cathedral

Football Tournament  

Date City Venue
03/10/14 Castlemorton school

Gambian Supper Evening  

Date City Venue
01/10/14 Castlemorton school
Time: 5:00pm.

Gold Book Assembly  

Date City Venue
20/10/14 Castlemorton school
Time: 2:30pm.

Govs Meeting  

Date City Venue
29/09/14 Castlemorton school
Time: 7:00pm.

Harvest Festival  

Date City Venue
24/10/14 Castlemorton school
Time: 2:00pm.

Headteacher from Boraba visiting for 2 weeks  

Date City Venue
22/09/14 Castlemorton school

Mad Science club starts  

Date City Venue
18/09/14 Castlemorton school
Time: 3:20pm.

Open Classrooms  

Date City Venue
09/10/14 Castlemorton school
Time: 1:30pm.

Parents’ Evening  

Date City Venue
15/10/14 Castlemorton school
Time: 3:30pm.
16/10/14 Castlemorton school
Time: 3:30pm.

Parents’ Forum  

Date City Venue
07/10/14 Castlemorton school
Time: 6:30pm.

Pedestrian/Road Safety Talks  

Date City Venue
30/09/14 Castlemorton school


Date City Venue
17/10/14 Castlemorton school

Tag Rugby Tournament  

Date City Venue
26/09/14 Castlemorton school


Date City Venue
21/10/14 Castlemorton school

Year 6 Multi Skills  

Date City Venue
19/09/14 Hanley Hanley Castle High School

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    • 18/09/14 Mad Science club starts in Castlemorton at school
    • 19/09/14 Year 6 Multi Skills in Hanley at Hanley Castle High School
    • 22/09/14 Headteacher from Boraba visiting for 2 weeks in Castlemorton at school
    • 23/09/14 Blue Class Swimming Starts in Priory Road, Malvern, Worcestershire at Malvern Splash
    • 26/09/14 Tag Rugby Tournament in Castlemorton at school
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